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Port-Forwarding in OpenWRT

Port forwarding can be enabled in OpenWRT by editing the firewall config file /etc/firewall.config.


This is a typical entry in the firewall config implying that incoming connections from the WAN on port 5022 will be forwarded to port 22 on the machine


The above method works on Kamikaze. For White Russian, check out the comment below.

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Static IP Leases in OpenWRT

DHCP is the simplest way for handling IP leases in a home network. But, we would need static leases when we are running any servers in the network.

This can be done in OpenWRT by specifying the machine needing the static lease in the /etc/ethers file.
# desktop

Once this is done, the DNS/DHCP server needs to be restarted.
/etc/init.d/dnsmasq restart